Cartridge Thermostat

Adjustable thermostat Range: 0 to 250 ºC

Normally open or normally closed contact models.
The cartridge will fit in a 16mm Ø hole
Adjustable by the screw in the Hex nipple
Turn screw clockwise to increase switch point

Material = Brass
Rated up to 240 V AC 1,200 WATTS (5 AMPS resistive load)
1/2” NPT Process and Instrument connection
Stem length = 52mm
2 x fibreglass leads 150mm long

We can fit terminal heads to the probe, however if used for 240V AC application the cap needs to be secured by a locking screw. It is a requirement that a tool is needed to remove a cover when accessing 240 Volt terminals.

These units can be fitted to a thermowell with a 3/4” thread minimum Process Thread

Part No. TCFM171NC Normally Closed unit
Part No. TCFM171NO Normally Open unit