TCA Solid State Relays


  • Solid state relays with 10, 25 and 40 amp output ratings.
  • Standard features include LED display when on. Suitable heat sinks optional.
  • Zero crossing turn on, zero current off
  • 380VAC & 440VAC switching capacity
  • Larger current relays and power control modules available for special applications

DC Input Control

Part No. Input Output
TCSSRD3810 DC 3-32V    AC380V 10AMP
TCSSRD3825 DC 3-32V AC380V 25AMP
TCSSRD3840 DC 3-32V AC380V 40AMP
TCSSRD4825 DC 3-32V AC440V 25AMP
TCSSRD4840 DC 3-32V AC440V 40AMP

Data Sheet: 1428

AC Input Control

Part No. Input Output
TCSSRA3810 AC 90-250V AC380V 10AMP
TCSSRA3825 AC 90-250V AC380V 25AMP
TCSSRA3840 AC 90-250V AC380V 40AMP
TCSSRA4825 AC 90-480V AC440V 25AMP
TCSSRA4840 AC 90-480V AC440V 40AMP


Variable Voltage Output

Part No. Input Output
TCSSRR2540 Resistance  70 - 240VAC

Wiring Diagram

Wiring Diagram for TCSSRR2540 - (SD 485)