Capacitive Level Sensors

Capacitive Level Sensors (SD 1351)

PART No. TCSA111A_ _ _ (length)
Length 250mm Price Each: $760.00 list
Length 500mm Price Each: $825.00 list

Stock Level = 1 piece of each
Omron have deleted this product from their range & this is a suitable replacement.

Model SA111 A/B/C(Standard Type)
Operating Temp. -20°C ~ 80°C
Probe Material SUS 304
Insulated Material UPE
Connection 1” BSPT
Sensitivity Range 10pf (std)
Weight Approx. 1.9kg
Housing Spec. Aluminium IP65
Supply Voltage 110/220VAC+/-10%
Delay Time 0 ~ 6 seconds
Power Consumption 2W
Contact Rating 5A/240VAC

The capacitance level sensor measuring principle is based on the physical properties of a capacitor formed by the sensor and the vessel wall, the electric capacity is affected by the dielectric value of products. When the sensor is not covered, the dielectric constants = 1 (Air is usually = 1) when the sensor is covered, the dielectric constant will increase capacity, the electronic oscillator (1 MEGA Hz radio frequency) will create a resonating signal, which will turn the unit on or off for level control purpose.