Domestic Sensors

Temperature Controls have available a large range of temperature and humidity instruments for use in food preparation and cooking applications.

Model TCMM 50C

Max-Min Thermometer
Push Button Reset, mercury in glass
Range – 40/ 50 C x 1C

Model TC OT 300C

SS Case Oven thermometer
Hook and stand mount
Range 0-300 C x 10C
Blister card.

Model TCDST150C

Digital Solar Thermometer
2" dial with Back Flange
Polycarbonate Lens, S.S. 304 Case, with C/F Switch and On/Off Switch.
Temperature range:-50/150 C x 0.1C
5 meters silicon rubber lead,
30mm x 5mm SS bulb

Model TCAZ200

2” Dial Thermometer
Ambient air Measurement
Surface mount, Chrome finish
Temperature range:0-120 C x 2 C

Model TC FIT 20C

White Plastic Case - Refrigerator Thermometer
50mm dial, with plastic hook
Range -30/20 C x 1C

Model TC FET 40C

Refrigerator thermometer
Hook and stand mount
Range -40/40 C x 2C
blister card.

Part No TCRT304

Water Resistant Pocket thermometer (Lollipop Style)
Temperature Range -50/200 C
-58/392 F
Probe size: 120 mm x 3.5 mm Ø
complete with pocket clip
standard blister card