Grant Dataloggers
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Based in the UK, Grant Instruments is a world leader in the manufacture and design of equipment for sample preparation, scientific analysis, data acquisition and data analysis providing solutions to the global scientific and industrial markets.

Squirrel Data Loggers

Squirrel loggers are multi sensor, portable, battery or hardwire powered devices that are very simple to use, have a very high accuracy of measurement, universal data inputs which can accept virtually any type of sensor signal and are extremely reliable.

The complete squirrel range offers from 4 to 32 analogue sensor input channels, full Wi-Fi, USB and Ethernet connectivity and come complete with the sophisticated SquirrelView configuration and analysis software.

Yoyo Data Loggers

The Yoyo range of loggers are simple, battery operated highly robust loggers for measuring multiple types of physical parameters. Featuring high accuracy readings, the range include Model No.s with integrated measurement sensor, fixed external sensors and fully programmable input for interchangeable sensors.

Yoyos are used to measure not only temperature, but humidity, light, voltage, current and pressure. Due to their small size they can be placed almost anywhere indoors and out, and left unattended to collect data.

Download the Yoyo brochure here