Shinko WCS Series
  • Dual unit functionality within one unit
  • 2-unit functions, one 482 mm unit itegration Controller + Timer
  • Dual controller, reduce mounting space greatly via one unit usage.


User defined combination
Controller+Timer, Dual controller

PV difference input function
Temperature difference between 2 points can be set and constantly maintained.
The heat source (heater) is controlled to maintain a constant temperature difference between 2 points(A, B). (e.g.) No condensation, defogging

Save mounting space
As 2-unit functions can be used with a one unit, the mounting space can be reduced by half.

CH2 function
The following functions are selectable.

  • If CH2 is of Multi-range input (-M), DC voltage input (-V) or PV difference input (-S) spec
    CH2 controller (2-CH controller)
    CH1 output 2 (1-input, 2-output)
    CH1 cooling output (1-CH Heating/Cooling control output)
    CH1 transmission output (Effective when CH2 is DC current output type)
    CH1 timer
  • If CH2 is based on delay timer (-T) spec
    Delay timer 1
    Delay timer 2

CH1 and CH2 Input/Output selection
Input/Output type can be selected for CH1 and CH2 respectively. (If CH2 is based on delay timer (-T) spec, CH2 output is not available)


  • Multi-range input:
    Thermocouple, RTD, DC current, and DC voltage (0 to 1 V DC) can be selected by keypad.
  • DC voltage input:
    0 to 5V DC, 1 to 5V DC or 0 to 10V DC can be selected by keypad.
  • Delay timer (*)
  • PV difference input: CH1 PV–CH2 PV=PV, Control is performed using the PV. (*)
    (*): Available for CH2

[Control output]

  • Relay contact: 1a
  • Non-contact voltage (for SSR drive): 12V DC 15%
  • DC current: 4 to 20mA DC