Shinko JC Series
Model JC Series Controllers (Discontinued November 2016 Limited stock available)


Accepts thermocouple (10 types), RTD (2 types), DC current (2 types) and DC voltage (4 types). As the input sampling period is very short (0.25 seconds), multi-input function enables the controllers to deal with a broader range of processes.

Two types of set value can be switched externally
As memory function that switches SV1 or SV2 from an external contact signal is provided as standard, it is possible to switch the main set value externally after SVI and SV2 are registered.(for JCS-33A: Option)

Alarm one point (relay output) is provided as standard
Alarm action is provided as standard for JC series. Alarm action and Energized De-energized can easily be selected by key. (Default: No alarm action, Energized)

Safety standard
UVCSA and CE marking

More communication functions
Shinko protocol and Modbus protocol are provided as standard for serial communication (Option: C5) (For Modbus protocol, RTU mode or ASCII mode can be selected by key Operation.) It is possible to connect Modbus based instruments without using a communication converter. When using our programmable controller with option SVTC as a program setter and the JCO-33A with option C5, JCO-33 can be used as a multipoint programmable controller. (Set value digital transmission is enabled, and a maximum of 31 units of JCO-33A can be connected.)

Dust-proof, Drip-proof structure (Provided as standard)
The controllers can be used even in harsh environments exposed to water and dust. (IP66)

Immediate use
This product is shipped with optimal set values preset for use in the industry rubber, plastic and packaging. Just unpack and turn it on. You can use it immediately. (Default: Proportional band IOE, Integral time 200 seconds Derivative time 50 seconds, Control Reverse action.)