Shinko JC Limit Series
  • JCS-33A: 48 x 48 x 96.5mm
  • JCD-33A: 96 x 96 x 98.5mm
  • Fully Featured - Low Cost
  • 4 Digit Display 100-240VAC
  • Alarm one point (relay output) is provided as standard
  • Standard Duct-proof/Drip-proof structure(IP66)


Limit Control (Latching Relay)
1 set point, high-low limit control, type & latching limit action.

Accepts thermocouple (10 types), RTD (2 types), DC current (2 types) and DC voltage (4 types). As the input sampling period is very short (0.25 seconds), multi-input function enables the controllers to deal with a broader range of processes.

Alarm one point (relay output) is provided as standard
Alarm action is provided as standard for JC series. Alarm action and Energized De-energized can easily be selected by key. (Default: No alarm action, Energized)

External Reset Input
- The external reset input (SM) is an option on the JCS-33A Limit  
- Standard supply option on JCD33A Limit

Safety standard
UVCSA and CE marking

More communication functions
Shinko protocol and Modbus protocol are provided as standard for serial communication (Option: C5) (For Modbus protocol, RTU mode or ASCII mode can be selected by key Operation.) It is possible to connect Modbus based instruments without using a communication converter. When using our programmable controller with option SVTC as a program setter and the JCO-33A with option C5, JCO-33 can be used as a multipoint programmable controller. (Set value digital transmission is enabled, and a maximum of 31 units of JCO-33A can be connected.)

Dust-proof, Drip-proof structure (Provided as standard)
The controllers can be used even in harsh environments exposed to water and dust. (IP66)

Warranty - 3 year manufacturers warranty