Shinko DCL series
  • Temperature Controller, Transmitter or Alarm Unit
  • 4 Digit Display 100-240VAC
  • PID Control Action
  • Multi Input K, J, R, S, B, E, T, N, RTD 4-20mA 0-1/5/10 Volt
  • Outputs: Solid State, Relay, 4-20mA, V
  • Alarm output Standard


The DCL-33A can be installed in narrow spaces(width:22.5mm, height:75mm, depth:100mm)

Total 18 types of input can be chosen from thermocouple (1 0 types), RTD (2 types), DC current (2 types) and DC voltage (4 types).

Both a controller and converter
For DC current output type, DCL-33A can be used as a controller or converter by simple keypad operation. If DCL-33A is used as a converter, thermocouple, RTD or DC input signal is converted to 4 to 20 mA DC output.

Possible to expand control points
From one to max, 31 spots of measurement control can be carried out through serial communication (RS-485). It is very easy to connect DCL-33A units by using the exclusive communication cable (CDD) between them.

Can be used as a setting value digital receiver
By using Shinco programmable controller(with option SVTC) as a program setter in combination with DCL-33A(with option C5), the DCL-33A can also be used as a programmable controller for multiple positions.

Easy mounting and removal
Hook the upper part of the DCL-33A to the DIN rail and fit the lower part of it to the DIN rail. Fixed DCL-33A is resistant to vibration, and easy to maintain.

Safety standards
UL/CSA, CE Marking