Shinko DCL Limit Series
  • Limit Control (Latching relay)
  • 4 Digit Display 100-240VAC
  • Multi Input K, J, R, S, B, E, T, N, RTD 4-20mA 0-1/5/10 Volt
  • Alarm output Standard
  • Relay Contact (Latching)


Limit Control (Latching Relay)
1 set point, high-low limit control, type & latching limit action.

The DCL-33A can be installed in narrow spaces(width:22.5mm, height:75mm, depth:100mm)

Total 18 types of input can be chosen from thermocouple (1 0 types), RTD (2 types), DC current (2 types) and DC voltage (4 types).

Possible to expand control points
From one to max, 31 spots of measurement control can be carried out through serial communication (RS-485). It is very easy to connect DCL-33A units by using the exclusive communication cable (CDD) between them.

Easy mounting and removal
Hook the upper part of the DCL-33A to the DIN rail and fit the lower part of it to the DIN rail. Fixed DCL-33A is resistant to vibration, and easy to maintain.

Safety standards
UL/CSA, CE Marking