Industrial Temperature Calibrators.

Isotech are world leaders in the supply of temperature calibration equipment for Primary / Secondary laboratories along with Industrial applications.

The FAST-CAL range was developed to meet the needs of plants wanting to maintain their own calibration and test program of temperature sensors. Available as a basic dry block calibrator or an ISO-9000 Calibration system where the sensor under test is compared to a calibrated standard, for true traceability.

Optional PC Interface, additional software is available for automatic calibration.

NEW ADVANCED Dry Block Calibrator

Isotech have a new range of Dry Block Calibrators with more features than ever before – with up to three input channels, resolution to 0.001°C, logging, improved performance; Ethernet interface with new software, the list continues. These new blocks with lighter, stronger cases use the latest technology to help users calibrate industrial sensors. The new ADVANCED models sit alongside the earlier BASIC and SITE models allowing users to select the model most suited to their individual needs. The Hyperion 4936 spans the range from -25 to 140°C and can be used in six modes, including Dry Block and Liquid Bath operation. The Jupiter 4852 Dry Block Calibrator covers from 35 to 660°C calibrating PRTs, Thermocouples and other temperature sensors.

Isotech has been providing calibration solutions for more than 30 years, from Primary Standards for National Metrology Institutes through to handheld calibrators for service engineers.

Our portable calibrators have set a number of world firsts, the first Dry Blocks to feature an independent inbuilt temperate indicator and the first Dry Blocks to reach -100°C. The award winning ISOCAL-6 was the first calibrator, to offer both Dry Block and Liquid Bath use, and remains the only device to offer six modes of calibration.

These new advanced models add extra features, bring benefits of greater performance, more input channels, advanced logging, remote monitoring with a bright full colour display.

For more details on the Advanced Range, please click: Advanced-Isocal-6.pdf

ISOTECH Calibration

Multi Function calibrators - Isocal-6 Range

Hyperion & Drago: -20°C to 250°C Large Calibration Volume


Europa - Venus - Calisto: -45 to 250°C 35 x 160mm Volume


Oceanus-6: -25 to 140°C 50 x 30mm Volume

Dry Block Calibrators

ISIS Dry Block Calibrator  World's first -100°C Dry Block


Jupiter 650: 30°C to 650°C 35x160mm Block

Gemini 550 and 700: Two models covering 35°C to 700°C 64mm Block

Pegasus 1200: Portable calibration furnace. 150°C to 1200°C

Medusa 510 and 511: Covering 30°C to 700°C 45x285mm Volume

Fast Calibrators 
Quick Cal

Quick Cal Range: -12 to 350°C across the range, 120mm deep


FAST-CAL: Industrial Temperature Calibrators: -35 to 650°C across the range, 25x148mm

Small Hot Plate Model 983: Surface sensor calibrator, 35 to 350°C